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Introducing my regular report on month 2 of

The L Word Generation Q

. Weekly, we’ll heatedaffairs.com review the figures’ story arcs and pick out sections that fit my personal schedule. I’m not sorry to say these will all be thinly veiled pro-communist rants. You can read
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Season 2, Episode 5: Lobsters, as well

If you’ve look over
the other day’s overview
, you’ll know I happened to be truly positive about event four.

Therefore, once I began enjoying recently’s episode, I became filled up with wish and opportunity. It had been like first time baby-dyke me strolled into a gay club.

But… the occurrence advanced. So that as it performed, the impression ended up being shattered.

It gave way alternatively into memory of noticing that same gay bar’s sticky carpet and three ex-girlfriends offering me personally stink eye.

Where would I also start?


s I expected would happen, the show features Finley fall-off the wagon. This episode opens with her puking in to the lavatory, next breaking a beer.

Yet, afterwards inside occurrence, we’ll see Gigi and Dani ingesting elegant alcoholic drinks from huge wine sunglasses and looking stunning while doing it. It appears the attractive to drink elegant alcoholic drinks, but beer is for people that have a challenge.

Of all weaknesses in this show, its therapy of liquor is one of the most significant. We some very major alcoholic drinks dilemmas inside our neighborhood. This program should address the topic with so much more attention than it does.


ophie sets up a unique section for


and – when I in addition forecasted – it is more about queer individuals physical lives. Desire to is meant to be exhibiting the « quiet rebellion ».

Could this tv series be any further neoliberal? Queer battles for liberation go for about community activism, not just individuals.

And, however, the most important individuals they have throughout the phase are a few speaing frankly about « finding the one ».

This tv series is deadset enthusiastic about wedding and monogamy. OBSESSED.

Sophie’s very relocated of the couple she interviews for


which makes the girl think about Finley, therefore she buys some sushi to allow them to discuss. Nevertheless now it really is Sophie’s consider face rejection and be kept with little trays of uneaten sushi, because it ends up Finley is actually screwing somebody else.

This will be reasonable adequate; Sophie has actually over repeatedly said she merely desires be pals. But Finley breaks express House tip Number One – she doesn’t fully close her door while she is screwing somebody.

Friend, involve some housemate etiquette!


peaking of decorum, these queers should try to learn the principles of therapy in a little queer community.

Angie would like to communicate with the woman mums and Carrie about offering the woman kidney to the woman donor. For guidance, she enlists Micah as a therapist.

Micah already understands these individuals, so he should not have-been their unique therapist to start with. But whether or not we can easily somehow put that aside… holy crap, is actually the guy a terrible specialist.

In the 1st period he jumps into having Angie explore willing to provide over an organ. Where will be the ground principles? Whereis the conversation of efficient communication? In which’s the part where in fact the specialist actually builds some rapport with every person and will get a sense of the way it could be far better talk about the concern?

This tv show leaves all of us through much, but having a scene of these terribly complete treatment? Insulting. I mean, maybe you have satisfied queers? Our company is


with therapy. If you are making a show for queer men and women, you’ve got to make a realistic therapy world!

At one point Micah virtually states « Many thanks for sharing your own truth. » Ha! visualize if a therapist said that to a queer? As a result they would end up being asking exactly what modality these language originates from and demanding a fucking guide.


lso, Micah does nothing when Bette starts going down.

We rescind my personal discourse on Bette a week ago which We stated I like the lady. While the woman clothing collars and cuffs take point, she is awful inside episode. She actually is mean to Gigi, and she is managing and awful towards Angie and Carrie.

Carrie’s the only person phoning Bette on the behavior, but whenever Carrie really does, Tina gaslights the woman about the woman thoughts and then provides unclear platitudes. Carrie knows Bette nonetheless likes Tina, and she seems nervous and insecure regarding it. Tina needs to be truthful about any residual feelings she has for Bette, and she needs to hear Carrie’s thoughts and give their obvious confidence.

Really, I think i might be a significantly better therapist than Micah. But, luckily, this is simply not their just storyline.

He ultimately shacks up with Maribel, and it’s also s t age a m y. They are going to be these types of a powerhouse few.


ack at Dana’s, Tess and Shane tend to be perambulating each other like two shameful ducks who made out the night before whenever they shouldn’t have. Most of us have had the experience, babes.

For whatever reason, Tess encourages newer and more effective person she is online dating to the bar while she is at work. Truthfully, how exactly does this bar in fact work? They don’t really appear to ever before pour anybody beverages? Why is Tess acquiring her new squeeze to come calmly to her work environment? That is unusual!

Actually weirder, she doesn’t keep when she finds out the woman enthusiast fucked her manager… since fan turns up, and it’s Cherie fucking Jaffe.

My buddy and I made a listing of a number of the characters we would have favored to come back before this lady:

  • Joyce Wischnia (I’d stay in your own cottage)
  • Charlotte Birch (Be my writing teacher)
  • Peggy Peabody (Yes, ma’am)

My buddy advocated for Helena Peabody having a location about this listing, but i am using a stand: No.

Certainly, as long as they had not slain system, she’d have already been included. Yes, i am still upset about any of it.


ani’s angry also, except maybe not about Kit. She’s angry because their father features hoodwinked the woman into becoming the CEO of their business.

I, also, get mad anytime my father performs this in my experience.

Dani swears she will not work the business, because she’s morals and is also against her dad’s dirty dealings with opioids.

Um… ok, Dani? Just weren’t you virtually his spin medical practitioner?

LOL, rich people.


lice is back to getting frustrating this occurrence. Following… there is the lobster scene.

Before I would also seen the episode, among my friends had already texted me personally claiming « Can’t wait to hear you rant about the lobsters. » But truthfully, I can’t even gather an appropriate rant about it.

Placing live lobsters into boiling water is just one of the really cruellest things we humans do in order to animals, but it’s probably better than getting them inside ocean along with their claws nevertheless tied up. At the least its faster. But that assessment just shows we carry out many really cruel things to animals.

This animal cruelty had been intended to be a time of flirtation? In which include really vegan queers with this program?

One other thing: the event is known as « Lobsters, as well ». Is it intended to be a mention of that episode in original collection in which individuals were at some elegant cafe consuming lobsters and Max cannot be able to eat far from a salad? Everybody’s mean to him, so he says to some tale about feminine lobsters perhaps not assisting each other outside of the boiling water?

Appear, the maximum storyline had some genuine ‘yikes’ minutes, but recalling that world only reminds me personally just how classist the original series was actually; a pattern that’s continued in several ways, but without the on the high camp.


right here had been only… absolutely nothing truly exciting relating to this episode.

In all honesty, many interesting thing that came from it actually was the dialogue that ensued between myself and another of my personal BFFs after ward, while I asked their whether she’d rather read Alice’s autobiography or Jenny’s

Les Ladies


She opted for

Les Women

, and this led you deep into musing about Jenny. My pal elevated a fantastic point: whether you adore or detest Jenny, you can easily keep in mind the woman personality arc at length over six months.

Recall whenever she had gotten that senior puppy (and had him pay!) simply therefore she could meet up with the gf of Stacey Merkin aka Vagina Wig, the reporter whom penned a bad post about their? Immediately after which she began attempting to date the girl while trolling Vagina Wig, which culminated in that awkward world at a vacation household?

Shed. Unit.

Now, are you able to think of anything as remarkable which involves a member from the Gen Q cast? Because I can’t.

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